Cool Pets

 by Cool Cats

Cooler than a Tamagotchi?

Cool Pets is the second NFT collection from the Cool Cats team, building on their hugely successful original collection of Cool Cats.

Cool Pets, like the original Cool Cats, is a collection of randomly generated NFTs that exist within the Cool Cats ecosystem, Cooltopia.

Cool Cats & Cool Pets will now have a unique layering system whereby the owners of the NFTs can claim $MILK (the currency used in Cooltopia) and then use it to purchase items for their Cool Pet that influence its evolution.

Yes, your Cat or Pet will collect you milk, and then you feed it to your pet. Tamagotchi vibes detected!

Each Cool Pet begins its life as an egg; the owner triggers its hatching and evolution through their interactions with it. Then the owner can take the Cool Pet on quests to earn $MILK, which can be used to continue to evolve the Cool Pet (by purchasing items from the marketplace) or be cashed out. The more evolved the Cool Pet, the more potential it has to earn larger amounts of $MILK.

There will also be a feature called The Adventurers’ Guild, which the Cool Cats team tout as ‘Cool Pets daycare’! Busy Cool Pets owners will be able to put their Cool Pet into the Guild where it will be able to earn $MILK without the owner being involved in the quests.

As with all P2E games in the NFT space you can also simply trade your $Milk for cash. At game launch a Cool Cat will yield 1000 $milk per day and a Cool Pet approx 500 $milk. The current price of the coin sits at 0.05 cent so a Cool Cat = $50 per day and a Cool Pet = $25 per day at this price.