The Fleur

  by Ondrej Zunka

An Opulent Floral Encyclopaedia

Celebrating the arrival of spring 2022, renowned digital artist and creative director Ondrej Zunka is set to launch an opulent floral encyclopaedia of 21 unique 3D flower NFTs, on Monday, 21 March, also known as National Flower Day.

From the creator of pieces such as Dogue, as featured and sold on Nifty Gateway, this collection is certainly not to be missed. Each detail-heavy artwork is rich in colour and texture, conjuring a near- scientific three dimensional view of the flower, as well as showcasing its unique beauty.

Every flower has its own unique name, personality, and thoroughly informative and illuminating description.

Meticulously crafted one-by-one, the works are an accumulation of Zunka’s technical skills and aesthetic precision formed over the years as a 3D artist.

A combination of tools and techniques were used to create the digital flowers, including virtual sculpting, dynamics simulations and procedural modelling systems.

On the inspiration behind the works, Zunka explains: “Plants are the foundation of all life on earth, upon which humans and every other living creature depends. Habitats thrive with a diversity of plants that form complex communities, who both depend on and compete with one another in a natural symbiosis.

“Flowers, the reproductive structure of flowering plants, seduce pollinators with their alluring colours, sweet nectar and scented petals. Yet they bloom only briefly, and only under the right conditions, making flowers an expensive resource for a plant to produce. But this cost comes with a high reward for the plant, pollinators and people alike.

“It is my wish that these flowers inspire us to look for guidance in the infinitely beautiful and intelligent natural world. The way habitats always manage to remain balanced despite the chaotic diversity of plants reminds me of the NFT ecosystem. Or what the NFT space could be.” – Ondrej Zunka