How to sell NFT Artwork

Woman making NFT Artwork on Laptop

Markets to sell NFT Artwork

Any aspiring NFT artist should know the best places to add their work to the blockchain and sell it.

For beginners we recommend using OpenSea. They have the largest NFT inventory and it’s one of the most trusted NFT Artwork sites in the industry.

But first up, you’ll need a wallet to store your crypto and NFTs. We recommend using Google Chrome and installing the MetaMask wallet extension. This is really easy, just Google MetaMask on a Google Chrome browser and it will walk you through the installation.


How to sell NFT Artwork on OpenSea

OpenSea allows artists to easily upload NFT artwork and sell on their platform.

Create a collection

This is basically like setting up a social media profile. You add your name, basic information, profile images. You’ve got this part! ?

Creating NFTs

In order to create your first NFT, hit ‘create’ in the header of the website. It will ask you to ‘sign’ the request with your wallet and once you do that you can upload an image/video/audio file, enter the name of the NFT and and properties or description.

There’s no charge for creating NFTs on OpenSea at the moment. Many other similar sites are charging what is called a ‘gas fee’ (transaction costs) but at the time of writing OpenSea is still FOC to add, they only charge to sell.

Listing your items for sale

To list your NFTs, head to asset page and press the sell button. From here you can set your price, it can be fixed or auctioned, similar to eBay. You can also set a commission fee, this is ensuring you get a percentage of any future sales. When you’re happy, hit post.

This is where a single initiation Gas Fee is incurred. The price can vary based on time of the day and demand on the system, at the moment charges range from $40-$100. This is a one off charge to activate your wallet, from here on there is no charge to list items. 

OpenSea does take 2.5% of any sale you make. This is much lower than most other NFT marketplace websites. The great thing about this is you only get charged if you sell something. The 2.5% is automatically deducted from the sale amount as it arrives in your wallet.

Hit List

There you have it. Your artwork is not for sale on OpenSea, it really is that easy!

We wish you the best of luck selling of OpenSea.

Remember, buyers check out artists before they buy. Make sure your social media accounts are up-to-date with your branding matching across all mediums.

OpenSea also creates rankings pages for people to discover new and exciting creators. You should share this page with your family, friends and fans to start picking up traction on the site.