A new and exciting NFT project is finally being launched today after being ‘dogged’ with delays.

JunkYard Dogs is a new NFT collection that offers club like memberships and utilities similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Unlike many other avatar projects that have flooded the NFT market in recent months, what makes these dogs special is the fact they are animated.

Tonight at 12pm (midnight) UK time, 1888 JunkYard Dogs will be released for 0.08 Ethereum each and can be minted via their website here using a Metamask wallet.

JunkYard Dogs CEO ‘JunkYardSloth’ said

We decided to do a small 1st drop with a 1 dog per txn limit. It is our way of growing our community organically and letting people who are pumped for the project know that you are the REAL OGs. The first 808 dogs minted will receive a FREE BONE NFT with future utility.

After the initial drop of 1888 dogs, more will be released with a total of 8008 Pedigree Chums hitting the market over the coming weeks.

Some of the upcoming features on this project include

  • Full rarity trait checker on website
  • Liquidity pool
  • Easter eggs and upgrades
  • Breeding program in intergalactic lab
  • Junkyard games room
  • Voting on dog charities to receive a percentage of future royalties
  • Dog day events

Although no details of an actual game has been released, the team seem ambitious and have dropped hints of breeding programmes that sound similar to NFT juggernaut Axie Infinity.

This first drop is likely to sell out and will be hard to land. It is important you use a fast MetaMask minting process, you can check out our guide on that and how to save money here.