Two Spots Remain in the Fellowship, Reserved for Female Candidates, as the Initial Wave of Applicants Were 93% Male.

The Nailwal Fellowship, the first and only web3 fellowship to offer grant money, today announced the first eight individuals selected to receive the inaugural Nailwal Fellowship. The program, created and funded by Sandeep Nailwal, offers $50k in grant money to fellows to leave web2 careers, along with providing mentorship and support during the six-month web3 program. The Nailwal Fellowship is leaving two of 10 total spots open for female candidates, due to low numbers of female applicants in the initial candidate pool.

The selection process resulted in a less than 1.5% acceptance rate, with candidates being selected after a months-long, multi-round interview process. The following eight individuals have been chosen for the program:

  • Adam Achebe, a Stanford Computer Science (CS) undergraduate dropping out to tackle the liquidity challenges in the commodities industry
  • Ananya Kandelwal, a top 0.1% Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Indian student creating new payments rails for global commerce
  • Evgenii Danilenko, an Ethereum Foundation core developer now working on advanced cross-chain infrastructure
  • Joe Frazier, a former CTO of an NFT aggregator now focused on building new data indexing infrastructure
  • J Paul Meyer, an ex-Goldman, Harvard graduate creating on-chain financial products
  • Remi Gai, a repeat founder utilizing fully homomorphic encryption for a new layer 1 solution
  • Shashank Yadav, an IIT Masters student and ML Engineer at Goldman creating a marketplace for reliable AI data
  • Tomas Taylor, an HBS graduate and former Dapper Labs employee creating an open, accessible platform for AI agents

“There’s still reluctance from many talented people in web2 to leave their industries or studies to pursue opportunities in the blockchain space,” said Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon, Symbolic Capital, and the Nailwal Fellowship. “This fellowship is meant to free up the burdens that these individuals face, financial or otherwise, so that they can freely explore their potential in web3. What really excites me about these eight fellows is the diversity of ideas across DeFi, AI, Infrastructure, and Consumer applications – all with an eye towards creating companies that can bring more users into web3.”

Each Nailwal Fellow will receive a $50,000 grant, funded personally by Sandeep Nailwal, and comprehensive support from Symbolic Capital, a VC firm founded by Nailwal and Kenzi Wang, including technical resources, mentorship from industry veterans, and access to a network of investors and partners. The Fellowship is reserving two remaining spots for qualified female applicants. Over the next month, the Fellowship will maintain a rolling application process for female applicants while making concerted efforts to engage with and recruit from women-focused Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and developer communities.

“We know that web3 has been dominated by men historically, and our goal with the Fellowship was to create a Cohort that was reflective of all the types of builders we want to see in this space,” said Nailwal. “Unfortunately, we simply did not do a good enough job recruiting female applicants in this cohort and with our outreach efforts and rolling process, we are committed to addressing this head-on.”

More information about the Nailwal Fellowship and fellows can be found here:

Stumbling upon Kenzi Wang‘s “Web3 Unlocked” felt like uncovering a hidden gem in the vast podcast landscape. Packed with genuine web3 conversations, it features authentic guests like the iconic Sandeep from Polygon and game pioneer  Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin from Axie Infinity.

This podcast is however more than just interviews with web3 experts. It’s a confession booth of sorts where Web3 enthusiasts discuss their journeys, both the highs and the inevitable lows. Kenzi’s genuine curiosity shines through as he delves into the stories of how these pioneers ventured into Web3, the fascinating projects they’ve encountered, and the invaluable lessons learned from their missteps.

Kenzi Wang and Jaynti Kanani

Who is Kenzi Wang?

Kenzi Wang: Web3 Enthusiast

When it comes to the dynamic world of blockchain and Web3, few names resonate as powerfully as Kenzi Wang.

An entrepreneur, investor, and passionate advocate for decentralized technology, Kenzi’s career journey stands as a testament to his dedication and insight.

Journey Through the Years

A graduate of Columbia University and the prestigious Wharton School of Business, Kenzi Wang wears many hats. He co-founded Symbolic Capital, a nod to his deep-rooted belief in the transformative potential of blockchain and its applications. But this wasn’t his first step into the world of finance and technology.

Before diving deep into blockchain, Kenzi served as Vice President and General Manager at Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. His leadership at Huobi paved the way for numerous innovations and operational efficiencies.

Further marking his entrepreneurial spirit, Kenzi also founded Traction, which garnered the support of NEA.


Let’s delve into a few of the gems that have benefited from Kenzi’s belief and backing.

1. Polygon — Among the projects that stand out is Polygon. A blockchain platform which aims to create a multi-chain blockchain system compatible with Ethereum. As with Ethereum, it uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for processing transactions on-chain. Polygon’s native token is named MATIC. Matic is an ERC-20 token, allowing for compatibility with other Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

2. Astar — Venturing into multi-chain platforms, Kenzi saw potential in Astar — a multi-chain dApp hub on Polkadot. Supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly, and Layer2 solutions, Astar has also gained trust from Binance, Polychain, Hashed, and Alameda.

3. Axie Infinity — On the gaming frontier, Axie Infinity stands out. This game, centered around the fascinating world of Axies, has captured the attention of investors like A16Z, Binance, Mark Cuban, Alexi Ohanian, and Animoca. Kenzi’s investment in such a venture highlights his belief in the potential of blockchain-based gaming.

With investments as savvy as his, it’s no wonder Kenzi Wang secures the crème de la crème of guests for his podcast!

Listen Now.

“Web3 Unlocked” not only unravels the complex world of blockchain technology and NFTs but also humanizes it. Kenzi’s knack for getting to the heart of the story ensures that each episode is a unique blend of insight, inspiration, and introspection. And it’s not just Kenzi steering the ship; he is often joined by incredibly knowledgeable and interesting co-hosts such as Sachi and Diksha, who bring their own depth of understanding and fresh perspectives to the conversations.

So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just curious about the future of digital technology, tune in. Listen to Web3 Unlocked Here.

NFT collectable platform VeVe have today announced they will be releasing official Medicom Banksy NFTs.

VeVe had told their community to expect an artist partnership announcement of huge magnitude this week, but nobody was expecting the legendary graffiti street artist Banksy.

The news was played on a private screen at this years LA Design Convention and can be seen on the tweet below.

VeVe CEO Dan Crothers was due to give a presentation on an updated VeVe metaverse style showroom and commented that “Banksy will be hard to top” confirming the footage is real and they really have secured a partnership with the biggest independent artist in the world.

The cerebrum behind the VeVe app is Alfred Kahn- licensing hall of famer, responsible for more than $25 Billion in retail revenue including Pokemon. An expert in licensing, branding, digital media and marketing, Alfred plays an integral role in securing licenses for the VeVe platform, and this has included Disney, DC and now Banksy.

Although the input from Bansky is still unknown, history tells us this will won’t be a normal NFT Artwork project and to expect the unexpected. We already have clues in the video with wording such as ‘NFTs all gone’, ‘made by the fans’ and ‘will you be ready?’. The video shows this will also be a partnership with Medicom Toys, who create real life Banksy statues.

Banksy, from Bristol, England is an anonymous British graffiti artist known for his antiauthoritarian art, often created in public places. His identity remains unconfirmed and the subject of speculation. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have appeared on streets, walls and bridges throughout the world.

The VeVe community were delighted with the announcement.

MoonBoi Sam Ellis took to Twitter to write “Did #veve just announce Banksy?!? Mind blowing!”

Collector YoJoe said, I am in shock right. VeVe actually got the man, the myth and the legend: Banksy. I am in awe of this companies ability to land IP.”

We look forward to seeing this story unfold and learn more about Banksy’s involvement and what is planned. It is worth noting that Banksy has often criticised large IPs such as Disney with works like ‘Dismal Land’, and he might not be coming in peace! Either way, WE CAN’T WAIT!

At time of writing you can download VeVe from the App/Playstore and they have also recently released a web app version of their platform here.

The NFT community is in mourning this week after receiving the devastating news that pioneering NFT artist ‘Alotta Money’ has passed away just days before his 50th birthday.

Originally from France, Phillipe was a true digital architect, constructing a successful career from making and distributed his distinct art style in NFT format. Often his 1/1 pieces would sell for tens of thousands of dollars in Ethereum and he was beloved by both artists and collectors.

He described himself as “a Crypto Artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Priest, VR&AR Maximalist, NFT Machine & Most Humble Visual Orgasm Provider in the Space.”

His NFT artwork was often chaotic and otherworldly with animations that included incredible attention to detail.

NFT artist Pak took to Twitter to share his grief with his 350,000 followers.

Alotta Money spoke to Arty NFT last year and told them he had always been drawing and creating as far as he could remember with his first digital artwork being created on a Commodore64 when he was 11.

He had expressed his want for more art-loving collectors to be involved in NFTs  saying “I’m honoured when I’m part of their collections.”

Cancer Diagnosis

Alotta Money had taken to Twitter earlier in the year to talk to his fans about a cancer diagnosis during Christmas 2021 and also catching Covid but “Omicron was just a little bitch with an attitude.” The cause of death is still yet to be confirmed.

Friend and fellow NFT artist Trevor Jones is hosting a Twitter Space on Monday March 7th at 2pm PT/10 pm GMT to celebrate the life of one of the greatest NFT artists to ever do it. “Let’s get together to tell Alotta stories, chat about his brilliant humour and NFTs, and to laugh and likely to cry” said Jones. 

Set a reminder for the Alotta Money upcoming Space here. 

Jungle Freaks by Trolsey Racism

OpenSea is being put under pressure to remove popular collection ‘Jungle Freaks by Trolsey‘ due to past racist cartoons created by artist George Trosley surfacing.

The project’s floor has gone from 1.3 ETH to 0.4 ETH in a matter of 24 hours and unsuspecting NFT collectors are grabbing them convinced they are picking up a bargain.

The movement was sparked by a tweet from Elijah Wood, best known for his portrayal of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

He tweeted last night that he had sold his Jungle Freaks due to Trosley’s prior disturbing cartoons, writing that he “wholly denounced any form of racism.”


We researched some of the cartoons from the 1970’s and will not republish the disgusting and undeniable racism they promote directly on our website. However, if you insist on seeing them for yourself you can find a link to a selection here.

Trolsey’s son took to Twitter to defend his father with the following statement



There is also questionable artwork on the characters of his current Jungle Freak collection, with some of them donning a Nazi hat. You can view that here.

Jungle Freaks is a collection by George Trosley on the Ethereum blockchain.

He describes the project as – The year is 2077, humanity is gone and the zombies have overrun the cities and seized a lot of the military stockpiles. However, they didn’t count on the genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits of the gorilla regime. The Gorilla oasis stronghold is under attack but they will never surrender.

OpenSea has yet to comment on the matter but when they do you will hear it here first.

cybergod 66

As sales reach new records on OpenSea this month, it is being spearheaded by community avatar collections.

However, this exceptional NFT Artwork project called CyberGods had gone under the radar but is now being picked up by big collector accounts, including legendary boxer Mike Tyson who owns #66 of the collection.

There is only 100 available and the artist, going by the alias ‘Faulty Creator’ has chosen to remain anonymous.

The only description given is as follows;

CyberGods are 1/1 limited edition portrait pieces that exhibit fantasy and superpower-like characteristics. There is a capped total of 100 CyberGods to collect.

This is quite simply one of the best looking avatar projects on OpenSea, and the scarcity gives it a very elite feel.

The organic approach of letting people discover the work and it speaking for itself is refreshing. The floor currently stands at 05.ETH (£1,100).

OpenSea Avatar Sales

OpenSea has now generated over $1.8 billion in sales volume in August. Moreover, the NFT marketplaces trading volume has increased by 640% in the last month with all-time volume now standing at $2.7 billion according to data from DappRadar.

CryptoPunks is still the most daily traded NFT asset in Ethereum and people are searching for next big avatar project. Other avatar collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and Pudgy Penguins have surged and show no sign of slowing down.

Mike Tyson NFT Buyer and Collector

Mike Tyson not only collects NFTs but has been releasing his own collection of NFT Artwork this month in partnership with Cory Van Lew. Including

The Ultimate Mike Tyson 1-of-1 NFT

The Lifetime Collection – 10 original NFTs

The Knockout Series – 5 original NFTs

The Baddest Man on the Planet – single collector’s edition NFT with 250 editions

In addition to The Baddest Man on the Planet, individual pieces in the Mike Tyson NFT Collection include The Bite featured Evander Holyfield (seen below).

Mike Tyson NFT Artwork

Other big OpenSea whale accounts such as MintyFresh and bri_c have picked up a CyberGod, making the future for this artwork collection look extremely promising. View on OpenSea here.

A full set of Curio Cards, founded in 2017 and the first NFT art on mainnet Ethereum is to be auctioned at Christie’s Auction House in London on October 1st 2021.

CryptoPunks is widely believed to be the NFT OG’s, however it has recently been established that Curio Cards is in fact the oldest known example on Ethereum of what is now called NFT Artwork.

The collection is made up of 30 stamp like cards, each having different mint numbers, and therefore some being rarer than others. Collectors will have the chance to own a full set when the hammer comes down on October 1st and it will also include 17b, a misprint secret rare card.

Full set of Curio Cards NFTs

Full set of Curio Cards

30 unique series of cards, they are referenced with CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties in the original ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, and pre-dates them both. Noah Davis, Christie’s NFT expert and staff member, took to Twitter to announce the news of an auction last night.

Although a formal announcement by Christie’s is yet to be made, this didn’t stop a flurry of buys on OpenSea resulting in a +1269% increase in sales in the past 12 hours. The floor for a Curio Card went from $850 to $4000 in a matter of hours. Noah also added there will be a physical Curio Card Christie’s exhibition in the seven days leading up to the sale.

Future by Phneep. Represents art moving into the digital space – 1400 in circulation and will appear on a digital screen at Christie’s.

Curio Cards pre-date modern NFT standards and do not conform to current OpenSea technology so they were recently modified. A wrapper was developed that lets users take their ERC-20 Curio Cards and “wrap” them inside an ERC-1155 token contract, for use on modern NFT marketplaces.

Curio Card Moderator BrianMCT also took to the official Curio Cards Discord to confirm the news to a community of excited current card holders.

The 30 cards were designed by seven artists and only a 1% artist royalty fee is added to any card sale. 100% of this royalty is split equally between the original artists.

Famous NFT hype man Gary Vaynerchuk from VaynerMedia also took to Twitter and Discord to announce his excitement for the auction. Tweeting “FUN!” and hinting he is holding card number 29, that has a current value of 290ETH ($965,000).



Gary Vee hinted he holds one of only 26 of these cards in current circulation.


There has been 328k sales of CryptoPunks but only 9k sales of CurioCards. This shows the potential growth factor of this original NFT project and investors are scrambling to own a Curio Card as you read this.

We look forward to October 1st and will be watching this project very closely, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of this page to stay up-to-date as it unfolds.


Marvel Comic #1 NFT

August continues to offer many firsts for the NFT collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and the VeVe Digital Collectibles App as a part of “Marvel Month.”

This month fans saw the release of Spider-Man, the first-ever Marvel NFT with all 60,500 units quickly gobbled up in just 24 hours and a Captain America drop also selling out.

This week, fans can purchase fully-readable Marvel digital comics through the VeVe platform for the first time with the introduction of some of Marvel’s most historic comic book issues including #1.

That’s right! Buyers have the chance to get their hands on the first ever Marvel comic in NFT format and that is quite simply mouthwatering for any NFT collector! ?

These Marvel digital comics will feature up to five cover variants, each of which is associated with a different rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare). After purchasing a comic, VeVe’s built-in E-Reader will allow fans to read the digital comic in full as soon as it hits their Collection.

Below is a look at the first three comics coming this week through the Marvel collaboration with pictures of the highly valuable ‘secret rare’ of each edition.

  • MARVEL COMICS #1 (1939)  The first Marvel comic book ever released features the first appearances of the original Human Torch and Namor, the Sub-Mariner, will be available with five variant covers in blind box format for $6.99.

Drop Date: 19 August 2021, 8AM PT
List Price: 6.99
License: Marvel
Published: 1939
Cover Variants: 5
Total Editions: 60,000
Classic Cover – Common: 48,000
Vintage Variant – Uncommon: 6,000
Hero Variant – Rare: 3,000
Vibranium Variant – Ultra Rare: 2,400
True Believer Variant – Secret Rare: 600

Secret Rare will only have 600 editions minted.

  • Journey Into Mystery #85 (1962) – One of the most popular Marvel Comics ever, it features the first appearance of Loki, Heimdall and Asgard!

Drop Date: 20 August 2021, 8AM PT

List Price: 6.99

License: Marvel

Published: 1952

Cover Variants: 5

Total Editions: 50,000

Classic Cover – Common: 40,000

Vintage Variant – Uncommon: 5,000

Hero Variant – Rare: 2,500

Vibranium Variant – Ultra Rare: 2,000

True Believer Variant – Secret Rare: 500

  • Fantastic Four #1 (1961)  This marks the first appearance of the Fantastic Four!

Drop Date: 21 August 2021, 8AM PT

List Price: 6.99

License: Marvel

Published: 1961

Cover Variants: 5

Total Editions: 60,000

Classic Cover – Common: 48,000

Vintage Variant – Uncommon: 6,000

Hero Variant – Rare: 3,000

Vibranium Variant – Ultra Rare: 2,400

True Believer Variant – Secret Rare: 600


VeVe has recently moved to a blind box format, this means when you buy a comic you are given one of the rarities at random.

So what are the odds on landing a secret rare you ask? Here are the bookmaker odds.

100 -1 

Better get myself 100 boxes then ?

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A new and exciting NFT project is finally being launched today after being ‘dogged’ with delays.

JunkYard Dogs is a new NFT collection that offers club like memberships and utilities similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Unlike many other avatar projects that have flooded the NFT market in recent months, what makes these dogs special is the fact they are animated.

Tonight at 12pm (midnight) UK time, 1888 JunkYard Dogs will be released for 0.08 Ethereum each and can be minted via their website here using a Metamask wallet.

JunkYard Dogs CEO ‘JunkYardSloth’ said

We decided to do a small 1st drop with a 1 dog per txn limit. It is our way of growing our community organically and letting people who are pumped for the project know that you are the REAL OGs. The first 808 dogs minted will receive a FREE BONE NFT with future utility.

After the initial drop of 1888 dogs, more will be released with a total of 8008 Pedigree Chums hitting the market over the coming weeks.

Some of the upcoming features on this project include

  • Full rarity trait checker on website
  • Liquidity pool
  • Easter eggs and upgrades
  • Breeding program in intergalactic lab
  • Junkyard games room
  • Voting on dog charities to receive a percentage of future royalties
  • Dog day events

Although no details of an actual game has been released, the team seem ambitious and have dropped hints of breeding programmes that sound similar to NFT juggernaut Axie Infinity.

This first drop is likely to sell out and will be hard to land. It is important you use a fast MetaMask minting process, you can check out our guide on that and how to save money here.


Marvel is celebrating a successful launch of its first NFT project today after selling out over 60,000 Spider-Man NFTs on the VeVe marketplace.

They officially unveiled five different variants of Spider-Man digital collectibles as part of the collaboration’s first drop, including 3D and animated statues. For the first time, fans were able to purchase and interact with official Marvel NFT digital collectibles through mixed reality AR on VeVe’s groundbreaking app platform.

Marvel Vice President & Creative Executive Ryan Penagos enthused that “Spider-Man is the greatest fictional character of all time” and buying one of his NFTs gave fans “a chance to own a piece of history”.

The drop consisted of five different rarities, in various limited quantities and prices. Both the Secret Rare and Ultra Rare variations sold out in only two seconds.


Common Spider-Man | Price: $40.00 – Quantity: 32,000

Uncommon Spider-Man | Price: $50.00– Quantity: 16,000

Rare Spider-Man  | Price: $100.00 – Quantity: 9,000

Ultra-Rare Spider-Man – Animated | Price: $250.00 – Quantity: 2,500

Secret-Rare Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated | Price: $400.00 – Quantity: 1,000


The VeVe marketplace is an App you can download on both Andorid and IOS. The App gives you the opportunity to display your collectable in AR reality. You can also create virtual showrooms on your phone or tablet and physically walk through them.


“It is very exciting to see our collaboration with Marvel finally come to fruition,” said David Yu, Co-Founder & CEO, VeVe. “We cannot wait to offer fans unique ways to collect their favourite Marvel Super Heroes and memorabilia in digital form.

If you missed out on the drop, VeVe has a very active ‘second marketplace’ on the app where users that were lucky enough to land the drop can sell to other users at a premium. At the time or writing, the secret rare animated Spider-Man floor is currently $2800 and the ultra rare $800.

The launch of Spider-Man last weekend kicks off a larger initiative to celebrate ‘Marvel Month’ on the VeVe App. Fans can look forward to collecting new Marvel digital products in August, featuring Marvel Comics #1 and Marvel Mightys collectibles.

Spider-Man NFT Hanging

Credit @dariopalacio Twitter.


Credit @PvdOost – Twittter

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