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Nailwal Fellowship wants Female Web3 Builders – $100k in Grant Money Allocated .

Two Spots Remain in the Fellowship, Reserved for Female Candidates, as the Initial Wave of Applicants Were 93% Male. The Nailwal Fellowship, the first and only web3 fellowship to offer grant money, today announced the first eight individuals selected to receive the inaugural Nailwal Fellowship. The program, created and funded by Sandeep Nailwal, offers $50k […]

Kenzi Wang – Web3 Unlocked

Stumbling upon Kenzi Wang‘s “Web3 Unlocked” felt like uncovering a hidden gem in the vast podcast landscape. Packed with genuine web3 conversations, it features authentic guests like the iconic Sandeep from Polygon and game pioneer  Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin from Axie Infinity. This podcast is however more than just interviews with web3 experts. It’s a confession […]

Banksy x VeVe. NFT Partnership Announced.

NFT collectable platform VeVe have today announced they will be releasing official Medicom Banksy NFTs. VeVe had told their community to expect an artist partnership announcement of huge magnitude this week, but nobody was expecting the legendary graffiti street artist Banksy. The news was played on a private screen at this years LA Design Convention […]

NFT Community mourns death of NFT Artwork artist ‘Alotta Money’

The NFT community is in mourning this week after receiving the devastating news that pioneering NFT artist ‘Alotta Money’ has passed away just days before his 50th birthday. Originally from France, Phillipe was a true digital architect, constructing a successful career from making and distributed his distinct art style in NFT format. Often his 1/1 […]

CyberGods NFTs | Fantasy NFT Avatars

As sales reach new records on OpenSea this month, it is being spearheaded by community avatar collections. However, this exceptional NFT Artwork project called CyberGods had gone under the radar but is now being picked up by big collector accounts, including legendary boxer Mike Tyson who owns #66 of the collection. There is only 100 available and the artist, going […]

Curio Cards to feature in Christie’s NFT Auction

A full set of Curio Cards, founded in 2017 and the first NFT art on mainnet Ethereum is to be auctioned at Christie’s Auction House in London on October 1st 2021. CryptoPunks is widely believed to be the NFT OG’s, however it has recently been established that Curio Cards is in fact the oldest known […]

Marvel Comic #1 to launch as NFT

August continues to offer many firsts for the NFT collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and the VeVe Digital Collectibles App as a part of “Marvel Month.” This month fans saw the release of Spider-Man, the first-ever Marvel NFT with all 60,500 units quickly gobbled up in just 24 hours and a Captain America drop also selling out. This week, […]

JunkYard Dogs NFTs launch today using MetaMask

A new and exciting NFT project is finally being launched today after being ‘dogged’ with delays. JunkYard Dogs is a new NFT collection that offers club like memberships and utilities similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club. Unlike many other avatar projects that have flooded the NFT market in recent months, what makes these dogs special […]

Spider-Man | 60,000 Marvel NFTs sell out in under 24 hours

Marvel is celebrating a successful launch of its first NFT project today after selling out over 60,000 Spider-Man NFTs on the VeVe marketplace. They officially unveiled five different variants of Spider-Man digital collectibles as part of the collaboration’s first drop, including 3D and animated statues. For the first time, fans were able to purchase and […]