Marvel is celebrating a successful launch of its first NFT project today after selling out over 60,000 Spider-Man NFTs on the VeVe marketplace.

They officially unveiled five different variants of Spider-Man digital collectibles as part of the collaboration’s first drop, including 3D and animated statues. For the first time, fans were able to purchase and interact with official Marvel NFT digital collectibles through mixed reality AR on VeVe’s groundbreaking app platform.

Marvel Vice President & Creative Executive Ryan Penagos enthused that “Spider-Man is the greatest fictional character of all time” and buying one of his NFTs gave fans “a chance to own a piece of history”.

The drop consisted of five different rarities, in various limited quantities and prices. Both the Secret Rare and Ultra Rare variations sold out in only two seconds.


Common Spider-Man | Price: $40.00 – Quantity: 32,000

Uncommon Spider-Man | Price: $50.00– Quantity: 16,000

Rare Spider-Man  | Price: $100.00 – Quantity: 9,000

Ultra-Rare Spider-Man – Animated | Price: $250.00 – Quantity: 2,500

Secret-Rare Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated | Price: $400.00 – Quantity: 1,000


The VeVe marketplace is an App you can download on both Andorid and IOS. The App gives you the opportunity to display your collectable in AR reality. You can also create virtual showrooms on your phone or tablet and physically walk through them.


“It is very exciting to see our collaboration with Marvel finally come to fruition,” said David Yu, Co-Founder & CEO, VeVe. “We cannot wait to offer fans unique ways to collect their favourite Marvel Super Heroes and memorabilia in digital form.

If you missed out on the drop, VeVe has a very active ‘second marketplace’ on the app where users that were lucky enough to land the drop can sell to other users at a premium. At the time or writing, the secret rare animated Spider-Man floor is currently $2800 and the ultra rare $800.

The launch of Spider-Man last weekend kicks off a larger initiative to celebrate ‘Marvel Month’ on the VeVe App. Fans can look forward to collecting new Marvel digital products in August, featuring Marvel Comics #1 and Marvel Mightys collectibles.

Spider-Man NFT Hanging

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