Veve Ecomi Secret NFT Drop

VeVe (pronounced “Ve” “Ve”)  is an app created by Ecomi that allows you to collect NFT artwork figurines that you can then display in the real world through augmented reality.

They currently have licences to sell the likes of DC, Cartoon Network, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and many more. Only last week they sold 85,000 digital DeLorean cars from Back to the Future in less than two hours. All collectibles on the app are currently sold out, with the app struggling to deal with the huge surge in users looking to land their first NFT collectable.

With no drop scheduled this week, VeVe has confirmed on Twitter that they are set to make a big announcement.

It has left VeVe’s ever-growing fanbase wondering what this could possibly be!

We have been digging through everything we know about the current staff, directors and artists at VeVe and managed to uncover the NFT artist that designed the Harley Quinn NFT artwork currently on the app. We won’t reveal his identify because he has no doubt signed an NDA, but when we checked out his personal social media page we noticed he had posted this image recently as a working progress.

This very much looks like a VeVe character design. It might be a secret rare collectable statue, or maybe just the first draft with a body soon to be added. When you compare it to the current Robin they released on the app the likeness is uncanny.

Reveal – So it looks likely we could be getting a Christopher Reeves Superman NFT!

If you want more evidence, you can see that VeVe has added Superman to their website and also current IP licensing small print in their terms and conditions.

Making his debut appearance in 1938, Superman is the original superhero and his first NFT will be the holy grail for digital collectors. With all NFTs limited on the app, if you manage to snare one the price in the second market will be ridiculous – Up, up, and away! 

VeVe are managing to secure incredible IPs on their platform because the brains behind this project is Alfred Kahn – licensing hall of famer responsible for more than $25 Billion in retail revenue including Pokemon. An expert in licensing, branding, digital media and marketing, Alfred plays an integral role in securing licenses for the ECOMI Collect platform, and it looks like he has landed the Superman franchise.

VeVe has confirmed that they are busy working on features to make the NFTs interactive within the app and dynamic in the real world. This includes cars being drivable, ghostbusters catching ghosts and could this mean Superman flying?

Imagine being able to use your phone to race Superman against a DeLorean down your street!

Look, up in the sky (on your phone), it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman…….

More on this as we get it…