NFT Investments Rocket

NFT Investments, a UK PLC that is purpose-built to invest directly into Non-Fungible Tokens, has announced a £35m listing on the Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market in London.

The Company’s shares are traded on the Access segment under the symbol: NFT.

Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) is a stock market providing primary and secondary markets for equity and debt products.

They plan to simplify investments into NFT’s and focus on building a portfolio of investments into NFT’s, NFT Companies, NFT Artwork and NFT Rights.

NFT Investments were shocked and delighted at the “substantially oversubscribed” share placing which raised £35m (triple what was predicted), with an order book that is already boasting a demand in excess of one hundred million GBP in what the firm said was “unprecedented investor demand”.

This news has valued the Company at a market capitalisation of £50 million.

NFT Investments is a UK PLC that is purpose-built to invest directly into Non-Fungible Tokens, Companies and Rights.


NFT Investments ultimately now gives stock investors the chance to back NFT as an industry, and that has been welcomed with open arms.

Led by management team Jonathan Bixby and Nick Lyth, the company said the money made from its IPO will now be allocated to “identify and carry out due diligence on potential investments” and to provide further capital to support its acquisition and investment strategy. This new NFT powerhouse has proven experience and claim to have unprecedented experience in creating, scaling and financing businesses in both the crypto and fin-tech space.

Here is a snapshot from their website of the dream-team behind the record breaking fundraising on the Aquis Exchange.

What’s astonishing is the company was only thrown together one month ago and their website still looks like a WordPress template! They don’t even have social media accounts, so we haven’t seen the champagne flowing, “we did it” hashtags or rocket emoji’s ? … can we not even get an “NFTs to the moon” guys?

In early deals today, shares in the company were trading at around 8p, a 60% increase on its launched IPO price of 400 million 5p per share.

With NFTs still having its critics, there can be no doubt we are seeing many high-net-worth individuals and crypto whales backing this romantic blockchain technology to be the new way artwork, IP and collectibles are distributed with murmurs of a “metaverse” on the way!

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