Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has entered the NFT marketplace.

Well of course he has!! This is Jack Dorsey we’re talking about.

His debut NFT will be the first tweet he ever made.

I just searched for it online, it would be rude not to embed it… I’m actually astounded it only has 153k likes at time of writing, The Rock gets more love for protein shakes!

That being said, without further ado



just setting up my twttr

This is actually quite an amazing moment. When you consider he probably tweeted this deep in a social media rabbit hole 2006. He couldn’t of predicted one day the POTUS would be escalating riots on it.

By putting it on the blockchain as an NFT it’s already had a bid of 2.5 million dollars! Mark Zukerberg will be turning in his robot charging machine.

Dorsey’s latest move follows past efforts in the cryptocurrency hemisphere,  particularly bitcoin. In February, Mr Twitter announced a bitcoin development fund with billionaire rapper Jay-Z. Prior to that Dorsey’s other company, ‘Square’ purchased 4,709 bitcoins in October (the equivalent of $50 million at the time).

The auction is due to end march 21st, 2021, so we will await the results. Jack has stated he will give all the money to charity.

Well of course he will!! This is Jack Dorsey we’re talking about.