Full Set of Curio Cards on map

A full set of Curio Cards, founded in 2017 and the first NFT art on mainnet Ethereum is to be auctioned at Christie’s Auction House in London on October 1st 2021.

CryptoPunks is widely believed to be the NFT OG’s, however it has recently been established that Curio Cards is in fact the oldest known example on Ethereum of what is now called NFT Artwork.

The collection is made up of 30 stamp like cards, each having different mint numbers, and therefore some being rarer than others. Collectors will have the chance to own a full set when the hammer comes down on October 1st and it will also include 17b, a misprint secret rare card.

Full set of Curio Cards NFTs

Full set of Curio Cards

30 unique series of cards, they are referenced with CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties in the original ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, and pre-dates them both. Noah Davis, Christie’s NFT expert and staff member, took to Twitter to announce the news of an auction last night.

Although a formal announcement by Christie’s is yet to be made, this didn’t stop a flurry of buys on OpenSea resulting in a +1269% increase in sales in the past 12 hours. The floor for a Curio Card went from $850 to $4000 in a matter of hours. Noah also added there will be a physical Curio Card Christie’s exhibition in the seven days leading up to the sale.

Future by Phneep. Represents art moving into the digital space – 1400 in circulation and will appear on a digital screen at Christie’s.

Curio Cards pre-date modern NFT standards and do not conform to current OpenSea technology so they were recently modified. A wrapper was developed that lets users take their ERC-20 Curio Cards and “wrap” them inside an ERC-1155 token contract, for use on modern NFT marketplaces.

Curio Card Moderator BrianMCT also took to the official Curio Cards Discord to confirm the news to a community of excited current card holders.

The 30 cards were designed by seven artists and only a 1% artist royalty fee is added to any card sale. 100% of this royalty is split equally between the original artists.

Famous NFT hype man Gary Vaynerchuk from VaynerMedia also took to Twitter and Discord to announce his excitement for the auction. Tweeting “FUN!” and hinting he is holding card number 29, that has a current value of 290ETH ($965,000).



Gary Vee hinted he holds one of only 26 of these cards in current circulation.


There has been 328k sales of CryptoPunks but only 9k sales of CurioCards. This shows the potential growth factor of this original NFT project and investors are scrambling to own a Curio Card as you read this.

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