Beeple has announced his return with a new 2021 Spring Collection that will be dropping exclusively on Nifty Gateway over the coming weekend (April 30th to May 2nd).

If you have just $1 – you could possibly own one of the most valuable pieces of artwork to drop this year.

Beeple took to Twitter to let his fans know one drop would be a raffle and quiz system.

However more raffle dates has now been added!



The date / time for Beeple raffles are as follows….

Raffle confirmed 30th of April, 7pm EST (includes quiz)

Raffle confirmed 30th of April, 8pm EST

Raffle confirmed May 1st 6pm EST (includes quiz)

Raffle confirmed May 2nd 4pm EST

Nifty Gateway accounts will be limited to buy just one ticket as part of the drawing and you will require a validated account.

Spring Collection Schedule

The full Spring Collection schedule can be seen below.

About Beeple

Mike Winkelmann is a 39 year old digital artist with a wife and two children living in South Carolina.

his visionary and digital pictures have propelled him to the top of the digital art world, winning him over two million followers on Instagram and high-profile collaborations with global brands ranging from Louis Vuitton to Nike, as well as performing artists such as Katy Perry and Childish Gambino.

His outspoken take on the hot topics that dominate mainstream media seem to resonate with young and new art collectors. His opinionated pieces have proven that he’s got his finger firmly on the pulse of not just the digital art world, but current world events.

His NFT Artwork ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days‘ was the first digital collectible to be auctioned at Christies and fetched a jaw dropping 69 million dollars in the process.

With so many editions up for grabs and a $1 dollar lottery buy in, more records will be smashed in what is going to be a Beeple-Fest weekend in the NFT space.

Very exciting and we wish all our readers massive amounts of GOOD LUCK ?